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So Stoked About This

MoviesUnderworld: Evolution comes out in just a few weeks (January 20 release date). Underworld is probably one of the better vampire/werewolf movies and I loved the idea of the two species fighting it out to see who gets to sit at the top of the food chain.

Honestly, when I heard about the sequel, I was scared. I couldn’t see Kate Beckinsale signing up for another go at the franchise simply because of the typecast possibility. Having the original cast back should make this as much fun as the first – though I have an issue and a favor to ask.

First, the issue is the role of Lucian. I hope his role is limited to depictions of past events only. He pretty much defined “dead” in the first film, so a typical he-wasn’t-really-dead story would piss me off.

As for the favor, I just ask that they please kill Kraven. He should have been killed in the first flick. That’s the point to having a spectacular asshole as the villain – you rejoice when they meet their end. But he didn’t. He’s going to snivel along into the second film. He really needs to die in a horrible way in this movie. Please let it be so.

Written by Michael Turk