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Since When Is A Win A Tie?

Perhaps my perspective is a tad influenced by the fact that I have been helping Thompson’s campaign, but I can’t get over how incredibly ridiculous the coverage of the Iowa caucus was, and continues to be. It illustrates beautifully the problem Fred has had getting a fair shake from the media.

Here are the results from Iowa courtesy of the less than conservative New York Times

Fred D. Thompson 15,904 13.4%
John McCain 15,559 13.1%

If I remember my Electoral Politics 101, if you win by one vote, you still win. That’s just the way it is. If a guy has 50,050 votes and another has 49,950, and you round the math, they both have 50%. However, absent a recount, I guarantee you the guy with 50,050 is going to be sworn into office.

So I find it incredible that the mainstream media continues to report that Fred “tied for third” with John McCain. It’s just irresponsible.

Written by Michael Turk