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Shifting Left

If you needed more evidence the Democrats have shifted dramatically to the Left in recent years, this article tells you all you need to know.

[N]one of the eight Democratic contenders for the White House are making time for the Democratic Leadership Council convention Sunday and Monday in Nashville, although DLC staffers sought for weeks to woo the candidates.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be homebound and resting on Sunday, instead of seeking allies at the coalition that is behind the only two-term Democratic president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The DLC is the organization that saved the Democrats in 1992. The organization’s founders had tired of watching the party nominate ultra-liberal after ultra-liberal only to lose handily in general elections. The DLC took a young (relatively) governor from Arkansas and connected him with the moderate wing of the party that had been all but abandoned. In doing so, they elected the first Democrat to the White House in 16 years, and re-elected him four years later.

How were they repaid by their party? With screams that the party had sold out and demands that it return to the bygone days of Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, and Walter Mondale.

The explanation for blowing off the one organization that has actually elected a President in the last quarter century? They have togo hang with the College Dems because they’re the activists.

This actually makes me feel better about our chances next year. I can’t imagine the field of GOP candidates blowing off the ACU or RTL convention to attend a CRNC conference. As long as the Democrats are putting all their eggs in the basket of college students (a group not traditionally known for voting strength) we should be just fine in November of 2008.

Written by Michael Turk