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She’s My Girlfriend From Canada. You Don’t Know Her.

It’s sad to see a cottage industry rise up to meet the demand of the nerd set. It used to be if a geeky kid wanted to pretend he had friends he’d cut a picture out of a catalog, slip it into one of the plastic sleeves inside his velcro wallet, and pretend he had a girlfriend. Any questions about here would be met with irritation ad comments that “You don’t know her. She’s not from around here.”

Well, nerdy kids can rejoice. A company has sprung up to meet the needs of today’s friendless dorks., a business founded by Brant Walker… offered users of and similar sites a way to enhance their page with photographs and comments from hired ‚Äúfriends‚Äù ‚Äî mainly attractive models ‚Äî for 99 cents a month each.

The company was shut down after the royalty-free photo service they were using to supply the pictures demanded they stop. Oddly, they expect to be back up and running quickly after securing models for the effort.

I guess there may be more money in this than I would have assumed. I guess the $5 per lawn the little spaz down the street charges me has to go somewhere.

Written by Michael Turk