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Screwing Around

TechnologyIt’s a slow posting kind of day because I’ve been screwing around with Windows toys… I can’t stand Apple, but I have to admit there are a few of their features that I really like – a case in point is the navigation bar.

Well now I have ObjectDock It allows me to add my commonly used programs, links, etc to an animated task bar. The icons are highlighted if the program is running. The auto-hide function is nice because you can set the length of time your mouse needs to remain in place to trigger the bar. I’d auto-hide the XP taskbar, but it pops out every time I go to close a program. too bad Microsoft isn’t as user-friendly as the programs that run over them (of course, they’re still better than Apple…)

I also found a cool little toy called WindowBlinds that lets you reskin Windows XP. From the scroll bars to the start button, you can control the look and feel of Windows. I like the cartoon-ish Fauxs-Toon

StarDock has a number of applications that let you customize Windows. I’ve had fun screwing around with it… maybe too much fun for a work day…

Written by Michael Turk