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Scott Cleland on Google’s Partisanship

Scott Cleland runs an outfit called that is opposed to Net Neutrality. He and I have crossed paths on the net neutrality debate and he’s a good guy – he’s also a solid Republican (in the fiscal conservative, responsible government way). On his company blog he took a look at Google’s plans to insinuate itself into the political discourse and to become the measure of what’s true and what isn’t in candidate debates.

Given the fact Google’s contributions to political candidates in the last election leaned Democrat by a ratio of 49 to 1, that thought should scare Republicans. At what point do Google’s “impartial” search results become nothing more than an indoctrination into liberal philosophy? What the Democrat says is true but the Republican lies. Is that how it will work?

At any rate, Scott has an interesting take.

Written by Michael Turk