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Sawyer Gets His Guy…

No e-mail from Anne this morning, so I’m feeling a little Lost without my weekly esoteric discussion of time travel, hell, island life, and why the hell nobody has killed Ben. Last night’s episode was, by all accounts, pretty awesome.

Sawyer finally gets his revenge on the man what banged his momma and made his daddy cry (not to mention kill his wife and take his own life). anybody who hadn’t figured out that Locke’s dad was also the con man that screwed up Sawyer’s life probably hasn’t been watching the show that long. I think most people had figured that out in Season one. Thanks to the producers for dragging out our suspicion for two more years, though.

On the subject of time, the timing of Locke’s flashback didn’t really do much for me. I think the producers and writers got themselves into a bind and had to figure a way out of it. In the episode with Juliet’s flashback of conversations with Ben, he tells her, “we’ll see you in a week.” It took her, Kate, and Jack at least a day of hiking to get back to camp, so now we’re done to six days. It was the next day that Claire had issues (down to five) assume it was the next night for her and Sun to trip to the maternity ward (down to four days), and the following day for Ben to get the tape recording from the locker (down to three days).

When Locke walks in and hears the tape Juliet made, the on screen text indicated it was “3 days ago”, yet when Locke warns Sawyer about Juliet, he tells him they’ll be coming in a few days. So we’re well over a week. For a show that seems to be dealing with “time” as a concept a lot, that’s pretty sketchy accounting.

On a couple of random notes, and things to ponder, what the hell was Rousseau going to do with a full case of dynamite, and wasn’t Locke at all concerned about that? I would think he’d give more thought to it than that. The last time we saw the French chick, she was staring forlorn at her long lost daughter. Is she planning on a mass attack on the Others?

The next big question is the plane wreckage. Some friends and I discussed the possibility that they had only found wreckage, and not the actual plane. The Others could easily have smuggled off the black box, and enough debris to make it look like the plane. However, the woman in the parachute assures us that they found the entire plane, and sent submersible cameras to see the passengers sitting in their chairs.

That may be another instance of the writers being lazy, or further evidence of the Others involvement. As this video of a large passenger jet crashing in the ocean clearly demonstrates, at 200-300 miles per hour, a plane doesn’t crash in one piece. They pretty much vaporize when they hit the water. It’s unlikely they would find “the whole plane” so much as a debris field underwater. (I know, this really makes you much more comfortable with that whole “your seat cushion becomes a flotation device” line.)

The others can arrange for a bus to take a man out at a high rate of speed on a public street. You don’t think they could plop a plane into the ocean?

Another good point to ponder is what Jack and Juliet meant when they argued about “telling her” when Kate told them about the boat.

When they brought her to the island, the Others had told Juliet that the only way to get there was the submarine. The helicopter crashed when it got close, so that leads me to believe it‚Äôs probably true. I suspect they probably would have let Jack in on this little secret since he was supposed to take the slow boat home. So they would know that there‚Äôs no way a boat could get to them. Is that what they were discussing? Did he not want to tell Kate because he’d be taking away her hope?

Finally, my remaining question is about the Other named Richard. He seems to be some sort of odd middle manager, but I suspect he’s much more than that. Rumor is we’ll be introduced to Jacob in a future episode. They’ve made him out to be the big guy behind the Others. I suspect it’s going to be Richard, or it’s going to be someone we already know.

Written by Michael Turk