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Save Teh Internet

One of the most common typographical mistakes made on a keyboard is the dyslexic “the” also known as “teh”. It’s so common that Microsoft Word automatically corrects it. The practical impact of this typo leads to an odd reality in Internet marketing. If you’re going to have a domain name like “” you should also point the domain name “ to the same location.

Well, they didn’t. So somebody put up a parody website to mock the SaveTheInternet guys. The parody features an amusing (if not altogether too long) video of a guy named Dwight making fun of the ‘the-whole-world-should-be-free-to-me’ crowd.

Despite having been on the receiving end of a staggering number of sites parodying the Bush campaign, I’m actually pleased to see this. It’s a creative way to chip away at the Net Neutrality guys and their fallacious arguments.

Written by Michael Turk