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Sarah Palin Facts

Josh Trevino, Ben Domenech and I are doing a little digging into some of the lesser known facts about our next Vice President Sarah Palin. We’re posting them at Here’s a little sample:

  • Sarah Palin used to wrestle kodiak bears in Alaskan bare knuckles fight clubs.
  • Sarah Palin once bagged a caribou by staring it down until it died.
  • Sarah Palin turned down a job as skipper of a Deadliest Catch boat because it wasn‚Äôt challenging enough
  • Sarah Palin fishes salmon by convincing them it‚Äôs in their interest to jump into the boat.
  • Sarah Palin once guided Santa‚Äôs sleigh through an Alaskan blizzard with the light from her smile.

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Written by Michael Turk