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SAG Awards: I Watched So You Didn’t Have To

MoviesI find it funny that an industry that fears aging more than death would call its union SAG, but irony aside, the glitterati came out last night to toast themselves for about the 317th time in the last 10 days. That’s right, it’s SAG Awards time.

I was so bummed out about missing the now-infamous Scarlett Johannson golden globes grope at the Golden Globes, I even watched the red carpet. Oh… my… god… Listening to Ryan Seacrest interview the celebrities was so mind-numbing I actually felt myself getting retarded.

The actual awards, however, were more interesting… barely. Apparently the fact that Brokeback Mountain won nothing only makes it a stronger contender for the Oscar (don’t ask me how that works. It’s apparently an oddity of Hollywood). Probably the best part of the show was the acceptance speech for ensemble cast by the cast of Lost. Other than that, you didn’t miss much.

Written by Michael Turk