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Sackless – lacking in intestinal fortitude. Unwilling to publicly state what is true because you don’t have the cojones. See also “certain unnamed Senators who will say what’s right, but do it only through a veil of anonymity.”

What the Fuq has happened to our Republicans in Congress? I remember a time – roughly 12 years ago – when we came to power due to Democrat corruption, out of control government, and runaway bureaucracy. Today, our GOP members feel they have to hide behind anonymous press conferences to even point out the fact that we have become what we swore to vanquish.

“We’ve lost our way, we’ve gone to the well and we drank the water, and we shouldn’t have,” he said of congressional Republicans. “You don’t go to Congress to become the party that you’ve been fighting for 40 years.” Lamenting “the spending, the finger-pointing, not getting the bills passed,” he counseled: “Just shut up and get something done.”

I don’t know a single Republican who doesn’t feel this way, yet our elected officials feel the only way they can put lip to the thought is to swear the reporters in the room to secrecy.

I have been disappointed in my party. I have been enraged by my party.

Today, I am ashamed of my party and its feckless members. I don’t know who he is (though I have a strong hunch) and as of this moment, I hope he loses for no other reason than to purge our ranks of this gutless turd.

Written by Michael Turk