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Reruns or No?

When ABC announced it would air Lost in sort of a broken schedule with 8 episodes in the fall and 16 in the spring (with a mind-numbing 3 months in between) I was unthrilled. I had been one of the people bitching about the week-on-three-weeks-off schedule from last year, but this seemed worse. Now that we’re trucking though the second half of the season, and I know every week will be a new episode, I’m kind of digging it.

I think the reason stems from HBO. I’ve actually gotten used to series that run straight through with no interruption. I’m still seriously unhappy that I only get a new season once a decade, but that’s another post. With Entourage and The Sopranos starting in just under two weeks, I’m getting ready to invest more Sunday TV time.

In the meantime, my Monday night favorites (How I Met Your Mother, The Class, and Two And A Half Men) are into repeats (yet again) and I’m dreading TV tonight. I dropped Prison Break like a bad habit and 24 has never appealed to me. My only other options seem to be Dancing With The (cough… cough…) Stars and whatever retarded game show NBC is airing. It looks like I’ll pop a DVD in the player and hit the treadmill…

Getting back to Lost, I am really stoked about the season. Granted, for about 90 days I felt like a crack addict needing a fix, but now I’m hooked. It also seems to have made the season better. I’m still trying to determine whether this season is simply that much better, or whether the lack of reruns has simply made every episode seem better.

When I had to wait through two weeks of crap to get a new episode, the occasional dry episode made me feel violated. Now the occasional lull (can you say Tricia Tanaka Is Dead) is acceptable because I only have to wait a week for them to make amends.

I am really beginning to appreciate the true series – even if it means a longer pause between new seasons. As long as the HBO pause doesn’t become the standard, I’m in.

Now bring on Entourage and the Sopranos!

Written by Michael Turk