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Republicans Should Be Appalled By This

GovernmentThe Supreme Court – packed with so called conservatives – has just abandoned any hint of conservative principles. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court handed jurisdiction for all local matters over to the federal court system.

At issue was whether the federal courts had jurisdiction over probate proceedings that decide local matters. The 9th Circuit (I can’t believe I am saying this…) had correctly ruled that federal courts could not get involved in such matters and threw out Anna Nicole Smith’s case. The SCOTUS overturned that ruling and cleared the way for Smith to fight in in federal court.

We may have just seen the last gasp of state autonomy in this country. The Supreme Court has just thrown out the 10th Amendment by an act of judicial imprudence. With this as precedence, plaintiffs may now bring any local matter to the federal courts for decision. The rights granted to and laws passed by the citizens of the states are now uniformly subject to the power of the fed.

Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, Alito, and Kennedy should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this god forsaken town to turn them away from the constitution to the dark side of the “big government” federal teat.

Written by Michael Turk