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Repeating The Mistakes Of Others

Last March I took issue with the RNC’s MyGOP tool for it’s overly senstive obscenity filter. As I was writing the previous post about the AdWeek article, I stumbled upon a mention of McCain’s very creative “MySite” tool. It allows you to create your own site on the McCain teams page.

Sensing a knock-off of the RNC’s MyGOP tool, I clicked through to start building my page. Sure enough, the tool is an almost exact replica of the GOP tool. To be fair, the tool should probably get much better traction on a candidate site than it did with the committee. People are more inclined to gravitate toward a campaign.

The one problem I have is the fact that McCain ported the entire application with warts and all. The biggest wart, as I pointed out last year, is the timid obscenity filter. I plugged in as my url. They rejected me, quite literally, for the fuq of it.

What the fuq is this world coming to when I can’t use my fuqing url because some fuqing bonehead is concerned that other fuqing people have nothing better to do than fuqing dream up ways I might misspell fuqing obscenities?

Written by Michael Turk