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Random Thoughts On Merry Old England As I Wait For My Plane

I’m sitting at Heathrow waiting for my flight. It’s been an interesting few days in England and I’ve had a really good time. The conference was really interesting for the odd dichotomy that it was – an exploartion of web 2.0 by people firmly entrenched in a 1.0 world.

I find London to be quite nice. The city itself is amazing and the countryside near Windsor (where we were staying for the conference) was beautiful. The campus at Royal Holloway and specifically Founder’s Hall was spectacular. It actually made me think about how much incredible architecture must have been lost in the war.

I found Londoners to be a very warm people, very friendly and engaging. Last night we were invited to attend a live webcast by the Liberal Democratic candidate for Mayor of London. The webcast was unremarkable other than being the first use of UStream by a politician in the UK.

However, Brian Paddick, a former beat cop who rose through the ranks, left the force, then wrote a book exposing corruption in its ranks, was a very inviting guy. I hope he does well in the election. I’ve not met the Tory candidate, but based on my experience with candidates I can say Paddick seems like a genuinely nice guy – something rare in those who want to get elected.

I had a chance to stroll through London on Wednesday and will share lots of pictures when I get home this evening.

I’m disappointed that I did not get a chance to see Windsor castle – especially since we were only two miles away. I’m sure I’ll be back, though and will have to see it then.

We did get a chance to visit The Monkey’s Forehead, a pub in Egham Hill. While it was more sports bar and less pub, it was a good time.

I’ve actually been surprised at how much American culture has extended to the UK. I turned on the TV and looked through the guide. BBC was showing The Office and I was excited thinking I would get to see the original UK version.

When it began, and Steve Carrell appeared on screen, I was surprised that I had come all the way to the UK, and found myself watching the American version of a show that we stole from the UK to begin with.

Anyway…. My flight’s about to board. I’ll post more later. Until then, ta-ta from London.

Written by Michael Turk