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Questions For Wii Gamers

So I got back from Vegas last night to find my Wii sports bundle had arrived. So psyched about that. Hooked it up, put the kiddos to bed and started to play around. I really like the tennis, baseball, and boxing. Bowling is alright. Golf sucks… a lot…

I got ready to tee off on the first hole, lined up and took a huge swing only to discover that the Wiimote really doesn’t want or allow you to swing away. The game is really looking for a finesse swing on a very short arc with little movement. Swing away and you overpower the ball with poor results. It’s not like the batting in baseball which actually awards you for vigor.

I’m also kind of irritated by the lack of club selection options. Driver, iron, wedge, and putter are poor choices.

So here’s my question… Are games like Tiger Woods 2008 or MLB 2k8 more accommodating for people who really want to get into the game? I’d really like a game that allows a full swing so I can practice my form. Does anyone have suggestions for a better golf game?

Written by Michael Turk