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Proudly Hiding Behind Free Markets Since 1970

David All and Saul Anuzis have an op-ed up over at Politico today. It’s just about the goofiest thing I have ever seen. In it, the two claim that GOP opposition to Internet regulation is the reason we’re behind in online politics. It has to be about the wildest stretch I’ve ever heard, and has blogs and e-mail buzzing today – most not in a good way.

I’m actually working on a lengthy deconstruction of the parts he gets completely wrong and his outright fabrication of facts to make his point. I’ll be posting that soon via one or more of the outlets for which I write.

On a personal level, however, one thing jumped out at me. David makes the following claim about Republicans who oppose Internet regulation:

[I]f Republicans hide behind goals such as protecting the free market and refuse to engage in protecting the open Internet, we will cede ground to the left…

Honestly, I don’t know a single free market Republican who believes they’re “hiding behind goals” when they advocate for free market solutions and keeping the government from creating ever more bureaucracy. David’s commitment to the ideals of the party seems to be so superficial that he sees remaining true to those ideals as nothing but a beard to be worn for convenience.

I am a loud and proud free market Republican. I don’t believe that giving the government regulatory authority over technology they barely comprehend, let alone understand, is a bad idea. Hopefully, I’m not alone in that.

Written by Michael Turk