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Here’s my prediction about Marcotte fallout. Now that Presidential campaigns have officially joined the ranks of Senate and Congressional campaigns being held accountable for questionable hires, you will likely see a lot of attacks by a lot of different groups on the bloggers hired by just about every campaign.

Ultimately, I think this may be more damaging to Democrats than to Republicans, but I suspect there is a lot of damage to be spread around. There has been an growing trend in politics to assail the staff of candidates as a way of damaging the candidates. For all the Democrats who feign outrage at the treatment of ‘poor Miss Marcotte’, let us reflect on the unrelenting attacks on Terry Nelson (examples here, here, here and here).

As bloggers go, I think bloggers on the left tend to be more offensive in language and tone, so I think assailing their past statements will probably be easier for Republicans. That’s not to say the use of course language by Republicans is non-existent. You only need to read this blog on occasion to find examples. I do think the Democrats give us more ammunition, though.

Written by Michael Turk