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Primarily Entertaining

PoliticsDemocratsRepublicansWell, it looks like “Typhoid Jack” Abramoff claimed his first political casualty last night with Ralph Reed losing to Cagle in the primary for the GA Lt. Gov race. That really is too bad. Ralph, despite being way to socially conservative for my taste, is a really nice guy. If nothing else, though, he’s gracious and will make sure he delivers for Cagle in the general. The Democrats were crossing their fingers for a Reed win – hoping to bang the Abramoff drum straight through ’til November. Those guys just can’t catch a break.

The really interesting news out of GA isn’t the LG race, however. Cynthia “Fisticuffs-But-No-Handcuffs” McKinney faces a run off for her congressional seat after a strong showing by his opponent. No word yet on whether Hank Johnson plans to assault the Capitol Police if he wins.

Keep your fingers crossed for Hank to beat Cynthia in the August 8th face off.

Written by Michael Turk