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Overriding Autocorrect Dictionary on iOS 5

I had heard that iOS 5 would allow you to override the autocorrect dictionary.  That feature alone would make the upgrade worthwhile to me.  After downloading the latest OS, I went looking for the edit function.

I found a number of references to adding international keyboards, but those weren’t doing the trick for my outdated 3GS.

I did, however, discover the trick.  Here’s the easy way to override your dictionary on even the oldest phones.

First, choose Settings -> General -> Keyboard:

Below “International Keyboards,” you will see “Shortcutss”:

Hit “Add New Shortcut”:

Now enter the word you find iPhone continually correcting as both the phrase and the shortcut:

(iPhone changes “hell” to “he’ll”, which I find highly annoying.)

Hit save, and iOS will never correct that word again.


That’s it.  No international keyboards. No hoops.

Written by Michael Turk