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Oscar Nods

MoviesCelebritiesSo the nominations are out… The big winner was Fatback Mountain, with 8 nominations. A number of movies scored a handful, but the story of gay cowboys is Oscar’s favorite, so far.

Honestly I think Oscar nominations must be doled out by the same people that handle US Figure Skating’s Olympic athletes. To exclude Walk The Line in the best picture category, but then include the crap-fest Crash is a crime against movies. Yes, I’m pleased that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon got best actor/actress nods, but leaving the movie out of play for the big score is a travesty.

The media coverage will beat to death the story line about the Witherspoon/Huffman duel over best actress. On the men’s side, I’ve got to go with Phoenix despite the buzz about Hoffman.

On a final note, don’t start screwing with the color controls on your television come March 5. This years Oscars look to be a rather monochromatic event with Terrence Howard and Ang Lee providing the only diversity. Honestly, if William Hurt can get a nod for a walk-on, the Howard should have picked up a supporting actor nomination for his role in Crash (he was the bright spot in a very drab movie). He was excellent in Hustle and Flow. Unfortunately, the only chance he may have this year is if the Academy hands him an Oscar just so they can avoid the complaints about their all-white affair.)

Written by Michael Turk