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One For The Gamers

GamingPoliticsOccasionally the time I spend surfing pays off with a nugget of gold from the depths of the Internet’s grimy crevices. Amongst the porn, Nigerian scams, ads for Viagra and online poker, and ads for every niche market of online dating service is a little jewel. The time I spend online helps me find them and bring them to you. (I bring you the porn occasionally as well, but this isn’t one of those times).

Today’s jewel is (no need to bookmark it as I have added it to the blogroll). It’s a great site if you follow the politics of video gaming. It seems that everyday someone is taking aim at the industry and claiming video games will be the ruin of our world. This site tracks the misguided efforts of those who would slap the constitution in the face to pursue their ideology.

Take a look.

Written by Michael Turk