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CrimeCongressIf I am ever accused of a crime, and the police come to my house with a properly executed search warrant, I’m going to claim intimidation at the hands of the executive branch. Is it just me, or has Congress lost it?

William Jefferson is under investigation for bribery. He has, allegedly, been caught on tape accepting $100,000 in cash, which was later recovered from his freezer. He has been stonewalling the investigation into his corruption.

So the FBI executes a warrant and searches his Congressional office. Now the rest of Congress (the austere body that refuses to investigate its own bad apples and instead sit around drinking martini’s together at The Palm) is spun up because this is a terrible precedent.

No, it’s not!

This is what the rest of the nation lives with every day. If police suspect you committed a crime, and subpoena your records, they come to your house immediately to get them. They don’t give you nine months to jerk them off.

Jefferson should be in jail already, but because he’s a member of the most powerful country club on earth, he’s still in Congress, and likely still selling our country to whoever can line his pockets.

For the rest of those in Congress, I am reminded of a scene from the movie Liar! Liar!. When a client asks for legal advice after multiple arrests, Jim Carrey responds, “Stop breaking the law, asshole!”

Written by Michael Turk