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Nicco Mele

Well, earlier this week, the Hotline broke the news that I broke back in May (way to catch up, guys) – Nicco Mele is consulting for John McCain. Almost three months to the day after I passed that on, it was confirmed by McCain’s people.

So the bashing has begun.

Nicco offered a really lame explanation for this on his own blog.

I have long admired Sen. McCain’s work on campaign finance reform and his independent streak. If Sen. McCain runs for president, he’s got my support.

It’s funny that the one reason most Republicans hate McCain, despite the fact that he’s actually very conservative, is his campaign finance reform effort. How many of them will look at the 90% of his votes that are solidly in line with the party is unclear.

But the fact that a Democrat would ignore the 90% of his votes that are contrary to the Democrat agenda, and support him based solely on campaign finance reform is incredible. he supports the war in Iraq, supports the Administration view of the War on Terror as an actual war, and recently has been blatantly pandering to the religious right to bolster his Presidential run.

Why would a guy with a solid stable of Democrat clients choose to do that?

Written by Michael Turk