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Yuck!!PoliticsI had to create a new tag for this little story. Sharon Stone, in an interview with Liz Smith, pontificates on Hillary’s political future.

‘I THINK Hillary Clinton is fantastic. But I think it is too soon for her to run. This may sound odd, but a woman should be past her sexuality when she runs. Hillary still has sexual power, and I don’t think people will accept that. It’s too threatening.”

To which I can only say, “Yuck!”. I have to admit, I thought of Hillary once during sex. The exact stream of consciousness was:

“I have to hold out a while longer. Let’s see… things that will keep me from blowing a load… baseball… god damn what a boring sport that is… the only worse sport to watch is golf… I haven’t been golfing in a long time… I need to get out and play more… man I could play a round or two with Erica Blasberg… for a chick golfer, she’s smoking hot… oops, wrong track… gotta get it together, that was close… is tomorrow trash day… there’s nothing that says ‘don’t peak yet’ like a full dumpster outside a Chinese restaurant on a hot summer day…. that’s better… so what was I thinking? Oh yeah… sports… it’s almost summer… that means volleyball… too bad there are no Olympics this year… that’s the only time they show a decent amount of volleyball… Olympics… hmmm… where are the Olympics in 2008 going to be held? Do they come back to the US soon? Let’s see in 96 they were in Atlanta, in 2000 it was Sydney and 2004 was Athens… or was it 2000 in Athens and 2004 in Sydney… Let’s see, 2004 must have been Athens because Misty May and Kerry Walsh won and the women were wearing those tiny bikini’s and… uh, oh… condition critical… Misty May and Kerry Walsh have pushed me close to overload… think of something quick… oh no… I’m drawing a blank… It’s getting close… Must… find… something…. to… stave…. off… Wait!!! Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton!! Oh thank god!!! That was close…. Oh, no… Now I have lost my erection completely… Damn you, Hillary!!! Your job is to stifle Bill’s hard-ons, not mine… Ugh!

I don’t fear a sexual president. Hell, Bill was humping the stray dogs running loose in the White House, and I could care less. So don’t worry, Sharon. Being too sexual is at the very bottom of my list of reasons to oppose Hillary.

Written by Michael Turk