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New Polling Demonstrates Hillary Clinton’s Fundamental Weakness

The NBC/WSJ poll is not great news for Hillary, and confirms a point I’ve making about her being a terrible candidate – especially in a General Election.

The full poll results indicate her favorability is roughly where it was in April of 2008 when she was doing the best she ever did against Obama. She’s considerably above where she was in September of that year, but clearly still vulnerable to a challenge from within the party.

Her net favorable is +7, but her negatives are at 37. Keep in mind, this is a poll of adults, not likely primary or general election voters. So these numbers among people that actually matter could look completely different.

Among Democrats, a huge majority give her good marks for her political ability and experience, on measures of likeability such as being compassionate enough to understand average people, having high moral standards, or being easygoing and likeable, she scores in the high 60s (easygoing) to 80 (compassionate).

In a General Election, however, the wheels start to come off her train.

Among all adults, Hillary doesn’t break 50% on any likeability measure. 47% find her compassionate. 46% think she has high moral standards, and only 40% find her easygoing and likeable.

When asked if they would consider voting for her, the number saying definitely or probably was only 1 point higher than those saying “Never”. With 23% saying there is a slight chance, Hillary has to win over  better than half of that pool. That’s a fairly tall order when 60% of the people think you’re unlikeable.

Written by Turk