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New Online Charity Idea – Cookies in Combat

Earlier today, I was chatting with some colleagues about the worst criminal enterprise in America – the Girl Scouts. Why do I believe they are evil and vile? One reason. They don’t allow bars to set tables up right outside drug rehab centers to catch the alcoholics as they come out the door, but they do allow Girl Scouts to set up tables right outside the grocery store. Everyone knows you generally shop when you’re hungry, so they’re preying upon your weakness.

Thanks god I was talking to Mrs. Quip as I walked out the door Saturday. She talked me down and I only ended up buying 2 boxes instead of two boxes of each kind.

So all of this got me to thinking about a novel idea I need to commit to digital ink for later retrieval. When Baby Quip joins the green army later in life, I need to remember this. I need to have a website ready the first time she comes home with the dreaded order form. That site will allow you to buy cookies (thus helping my little princess) but send them directly to our troops overseas (who won’t otherwise have access).

I’ll do it all – from credit card processing to shipping/fulfillment anywhere outside the US. I’d charge for shipping on top of the cookies, but no mark-up. I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be a huge success.

Written by Michael Turk