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New Mexico GOP Stuck On Stupid

PoliticsThe New Mexico GOP has now tried a tactic that most would not have expected – attacking their own donors. It seems Stanley Fulton – a long time contributor to the GOP in amounts aggregating in excess of $200,000 – isn’t getting the love now that the GOP controls nada in the Land of Enchantment. So he’s doing what any wise businessman would do, and spreading the love to the Democrats that control damn near everything.

That has rubbed the GOP wrong, so they’re hypocritically crying foul. Apparently getting the juice from casino owners is only bad if you’re Madrid.

“Sadly, pay-to-play politics is alive and well in the Attorney General’s Office,” said Chris Atencio, political director of the state Republican Party. “New Mexicans ought to think long and hard about whether they want pay-to-play Patsy in Congress too.”

The GOP was fine with pay-to-play politics in NM when Gary Johnson was the governor, but now the Democrats have the ball. Should it ever be back in the GOP’s court, I suspect there is one donor they can count out.

Written by Michael Turk