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Name The GOP Convention Blog

I have to give the convention people credit for trying to involve visitors and get a community together around the upcoming convention. While I have my doubts about building a vibrant community around an event destined to vanish from consciousness in 5 months, at least their trying. I wish them well.

My only real concern about their effort thus far is their recently announced “Name the Blog” effort. I’m not sure who vetted the names to “narrow” the list, but I see at least three euphemisms for excrement in the list.

Elephant Droppings
Midwest Movement
Junk From The Trunk

I’m not sure if those were submitted by some Democratic Prankster Squad or what, but I am tremendously surprised that they made it into the final voting.

My favorite, and I think the only one worth the digital ink, is Conventional Wisdom. Voting is open now, though at the moment you can’t yet vote on the 3/12 “games.”

Update: I’ve added a link to the contest for your use, sorry about the oversight. Also, all the stuff that was labeled for 3/12 voting now inexplicably says 3/17. The stuff that was 3/17 yesterday now says 3/13 – but you can’t vote on it yet, despite the fact that it’s been the 13th for almost 8 hours.

Written by Michael Turk