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MyMcCain Just Got Worse

I have posted twice now on the troubles I have had with MyMcCain. After those complaints were picked up by The Bivings Report, and I discovered that William Beutler has had the same problem, I figured I would try yet again.

This was actually the fourth attempt. After I set up the site originally, I went back to MyMcCain on two separate occasions prior to the launch of the new site (mostly to see if I had been approved yet). On both the second and third trip back, the site told me my information had been submitted and I would hear from them shortly (umm… yeah… right…).

This was my first trip back since they rolled out their new site. It allowed me to fill out the form and try again, but the name I picked the first time (, was not available. The site gave me the following error message:

Please correct the following:

The sitename you chose is already taken

Well, to me that sounded like my previous site was approved. So I clicked through to check it out. Then I got this error.

We’re sorry. There appears to have been an error with your request. Please try again or if the problem continues, please contact us.

Well, at the risk of correcting you, it seems there is an error with your site and your campaign apparatus, not my request. Fix the problem with your administrative overhead, and my request will work just fine.

Written by Michael Turk