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MyMcCain Goes Live!

18 days after I created it (and later in the same day that I was finally able to recreate it), MyMcCain is now live at I had been resubmitting my page once a day or so just to see if they could clear up the issue that I reported last week, and they finally did.

So the site is now live, and I have had a chance to kick the tires a bit. I posted lengthy thoughts over at TechPresident. I’ll keep this post short so you won’t be tempted to waste more time on it than necessary.

Obama has done a very good job building on the lessons of 2004. If he incorporates voter contact tools into his offering, he will have the best online package I’ve seen. It’s not a technology of the day project like Dean was. It’s managed in-house so they can address any problems that arise quickly (as evidenced by their quick reply to the bug a blogger found). Most importantly, it allows for lateral organizing by supporters.

GOP candidates should look closely at this and be very nervous.

Written by Michael Turk