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My letter to the Fine Folks at the CPSC

Earlier today I posted about the regulatory overreach by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and its war on the rare earth magnets known as Buckyballs and Nanodots.

This afternoon I penned a letter to the CPSC to register my complaint.  If you are interested in sending your own letter, I encourage you to do so. You can visit or click these links to open a new email to Nancy Nord, Anne Northup, Inez Tenenbaum, Robert Adler and their media flack Scott Wolfson

In the meantime, here is the text of the letter I sent. I thought I would share it.

I am writing to add my name to the list of those opposed to your action on novelty magnets.  As an owner of such novelties sold under the name Buckyballs and Nanodots, I purchased those magnets for my use and entertainment.  I am able to read warning labels and keep the magnets away from my kids as directed. I am also able to understand the Zen Magnets warnings as what they were, an attempt to both educate owners and simultaneously mock the government for its egregious meddling.

It is unfortunate that the government feels the need to protect people from their own impairments – stupidity being among them.  I was under the impression that Darwin had conclusively proven that isn’t really possible.  For instance, the CPSC notes that, on average, 25 children are killed per year by furniture.

How does the CPSC justify allowing the scourge of dressers and bookcases to terrorize our homes?

Perhaps the CPSC should instead require a warning label on people that says “Your IQ must be at least 100 to procreate.”  That would address both the possibility of children being given magnets to eat AND people putting a 100 pound, 60-inch TV on top of a flimsy, off-balance, particle board stand they bought at Ikea.

In the meantime, I have ordered several more sets of Buckyballs to show my ongoing to support to a company that has added jobs and more than $40 million in direct economic activity to the country in the last four years, despite the incompetent job government has done of attempting to solve the nation’s fiscal problems over the same period.  Those sales represent the first effective stimulus this government has achieved.

So congrats on that.

Written by Michael Turk