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Music Industry Stupidity

MusicRemember back in the days of “free Napster” when the recording industry claimed they didn’t want people downloading mp3s because it would kill the sales of CDs. But then they also said that you weren’t even allowed to rip the CDs you own to another format? Well all of that is changing, maybe.

The music industry has grudgingly accepted the fact that I can buy a CD, convert it to mp3s, and only take the “best of” along with me. While they still toy with the idea of copy protections, that would actually make their “it will kill CDs” argument for them. After all, if you can buy a CD, but can’t copy it, or you can buy the tunes individually from iTunes, and then burn a CD, then buying the CD makes no sense. So they have killed their own revenue stream by preventing you from making the conversion, yet allowing you to download legally.

Their convoluted logic on this is so bad I’ve even lost myself just trying to explain it to you… Ugh!

Written by Michael Turk