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Murtha and War Crimes

WarDemocratsAt least when John Kerry began making charges against the military and accusing them of war crimes he was young and rash. What’s Murtha’s excuse? If you’ve read much of my stuff, you know that I have my issues with the Administration policy in Iraq, but Murtha is way, way out of line.

We know that something happened that left 15 civilians dead. We know an investigation is being conducted. Several officers have already been suspended while that investigation is ongoing. This is being handled by the book and will be dealt with in the military within the structure of a legal system.

What is interesting in Murtha’s comments is the dichotomy it displays in the modern left. The liberal left demands trials for suspected terrorist held at Guantanamo, but those same Democrats apparently have no problem with trying and punishing the US military in the media and on the floor of Congress.

Our fellow Americans serving in the military are entitled to more rights than those who would harm us, not fewer. The Democrats keep comparing Iraq to Vietnam. Unto now, that comparison wad inaccurate, it’s not anymore. Vietnam was the last time the left gave more support to the enemies of America than the soldiers who fought for us.

Written by Michael Turk