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MSM Whining

NewsSo let me get this straight. The LA Times and four other organizations agreed to pay Wen Ho Lee $750,000 because they decided to play lapdog to their friends (oops… they prefer the term ‘sources’) in government and trashed this guy’s reputation. Now they’re bitching about it.

That strikes me as particularly ridiculous. Members of the media are given information, which routinely turns out to be wrong, but in a rush to get an exclusive and move some units, they run it without fact checking, and without corroboration. In doing so, they bring suspicion and often financial ruin – to some poor schmuck (Wen Ho Lee, Richard Jewel, etc.), make him look like a criminal to all of America, guarantee he’ll have a hard time finding work ever again, and when they discover they were merely pawns serving the needs of some government witch hunt, they want to be protected.

I say FUQ YOU, La Times! When you show as much concern for the truth as you do for selling ad space and subscriptions, then maybe we’ll talk. Until then, if you’re willing to run with anonymous, unconfirmed sources, while ruining the lives of those you write about, you can go screw yourself. I hope the next lawsuit is big enough to put one of you jackasses out of business so the other four will learn from your downfall.

But that’s just my opinion…

Written by Michael Turk