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Movie Review: Monster House

MoviesMy niece is in town for a visit and due to the ungodly heat, we’ve been reluctant to do the touristy things like going to the zoo or walking the Mall. So last night we decided to beat the heat with some movie theater AC. Up on the billing was Monster House.

I have to say I was really surprised by this movie. I had seen ads for it, and most of them played up the camp and humor more than the suspense. For a cartoon, it really is a pretty intense movie – almost too intense. A bunch of the other people in the theater had brought younger kids (maybe 5-8 years). Honestly, I’m glad my little guy isn’t that old yet or I might have made the same mistake. I can only imagine how many of those parents were up all night or spent the evening sharing a bed with their kiddos.

Picture the Amityville Horror, then imagine the Amityville Horror if Tim Burton had done it in claymation. It’s not quite as frightening as it could be. After all, they didn’t show any of the kids getting dismembered by the house, but they stopped short.

It’s rated PG, but that really doesn’t give you a good sense of the movie – even Shrek was PG.

The plot is interesting, the kids they had voicing the leads are good and some really talented people – including Steve Buscemi and Kevin James – provide some additional vocal talent.

It’s a good movie for the older kids, but I’d be careful of anyone under 10 or so catching this flick. It will save you a sleepless night now and some therapy bills later.

Written by Michael Turk