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MoveOn Has Lost It

PoliticsIt’s becoming more and more apparent that MoveOn has lost their marbles. Some colleagues and I went to our new office space today for a tour, and on the way back, I saw an ad on the side of a bus attacking Heather Wilson.

The ad was paid for by MoveOn’s political wing. It featured a black and white image of Heather with one red hand, and included text indicating Heather was “caught red handed” (dear God, those folks are witty, huh?) accepting money from oil and gas interests.

Well, duh!

Oil and gas interests are one of, if not the largest, private industry in New Mexico. The government still ranks first, but oil and gas isn’t far behind. A lot of people in NM make a lot of money extracting oil and gas from the ground around the state. The proceeds from that extraction fund the schools in the form of a state controlled permanent fund. So it’s a small wonder that Heather sticks up for the industry.

Apparently MoveOn’s next major advertising effort will target Wisconsin’s Mark Green for supporting “big cheese”.

Written by Michael Turk