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Michael Turk, Male Prostitute

Self-PromotionPoliticsWell, sort of. I’ll whore myself out for just about anything. I’m not picky. In this case though, I’m doing it because I’m a believer.

I’ve started posting over at in addition to my nonsensical ramblings here. Matt Margolis of GOPBloggers and Blogs For Bush did some amazing work organizing bloggers that support the President. When he and I began talking about adding my voice to GOPBloggers, I was glad to do it. I really believe that our blog community, and our party, is stronger than the Democrats. While they may have the traffic, we have sheer numbers. Anything I can do to make our voice louder online I’ll jump into.

Anyway, my first post is up. It’s sort of a goofy look at the Democrats plagiarizing the RNC privacy policy. I hope you enjoy. If you’re not a regular reader of GOPBloggers, you should start.

Written by Michael Turk