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Media Math: 1 + 1 = 5

TelevisionNewsIn the ratings game, it all adds up. If you run the number five network, and you and your closest competitor are constantly competing to avoid being dead last, there’s only one thing to do – merge!

Warner Bros and UPN have announced the merger of their two mediocre networks into one super-giant mediocre network. Fans of mediocre programming like One Tree Hill, Reba, Get This Party Started, and Veronica Mars will have to wait and see if their favorites make the cut on the new network.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of the announcement was this line from the WaPo story:

The CW will air 30 hours of programming, seven days a week, following the model of The WB.

So apparently the deal also includes extending the day by six hours… So that’s good news for farmers, I guess.

Written by Michael Turk