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Mark The Date

DemocratsSpeaking Saturday in France at the Cannes Film Festival about global warming, [Al] Gore said, “I even believe there is a chance that within the next two years, even (President) Bush and (Vice President) Dick Cheney will be forced to change their position on this crisis,” he said. “One can only attempt to create one’s own reality for so long. Reality proper has a way of insisting itself upon you.”

For anyone who is, like me, betting that this doesn’t happen, I have created a Microsoft Outlook appointment you can download and store in your calendar. It contains the following note to my future self.

Two years ago today, Al Gore said… (quote is included here.)

I have no reason to believe that will happen, and instead believe we will be no closer to a consensus on global warming than we were in 2006.

Let’s see who is right, Al.

Let’s see if Al is actually able to predict the future. My money is on no.

Written by Michael Turk