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Marcotte Out At Camp Edwards

Amanda Marcotte has succumbed to the pressure of having to reconcile past words with her current job. Earlier today she turned in her resignation.

If you haven’t been following the story, prior to her position with the Edwards campaign, Marcotte had spent some time disparaging Catholics and got called out by one of them. The left wing blogs trotted out the “vast right wing conspiracy” charge again – claiming the VRWC was really after Edwards and she was just the tool they used to get to him.

First, let me state that Republicans can’t successfully organize a pick-up game of one-on-one, let alone a vast right wing conspiracy. Second, let me state that Presidential campaigns, for better or worse, are responsible for the views of the people they hire. That’s not a right wing thing. It’s not a left wing thing. That’s called guilt by association and it’s a concept as old as time.

Written by Michael Turk