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Lost Opportunities

PoliticsA colleague and I were talking this morning and he said something I am beginning to believe wholeheartedly. His exact quote was, “I firmly believe the election of 2006 will go down in political history as the single greatest squandered opportunity any political party has ever achieved.

More and more, I am assured of our chances in the fall simply because the Democrats can’t hold it together and keep making stupid, stupid mistakes. Ignore their complete lack of message discipline, and the continual infighting, and look at the stupid things they do to themselves for no readily apparent reason.

Yesterday the DCCC sends an e-mail with a fundraising appeal that is stuffed to bursting with images of Katrina victims and dead soldiers. Anyone who has worked in politics for more than a single cycle would know not to do that, yet the ad was sponsored by none other than the D-trip Chairman, Rahm Emanuel.

Even ignoring the national level stupidity, though, you find rampant examples of the Democrat melt-down.

The Vermont Democrats are actively working to keep three loyal democrats off the ballot so they can nominate an independent who has repeatedly told them he will decline the nomination if he gets it. That’s the height of folly. Fortunately for them, it doesn’t really impact their chances against the GOP in Vermont.

What may affect their chances is the acceptance of a really stupid contribution by New Mexico’s AG (and the Democrat trying to unseat Heather Wilson in what promises to be a nail-biter).

It seems Madrid accepted $10,000 in contributions from the artist formerly known as Wackenhut (now the GEO Group) after granting them a favorable ruling on a private prison. Both sides claim there was no quid pro quo, but it looks fishy – especially given the fervor with which Democrats opposed Gary Johnson’s prison privatization plans just a couple of years ago.

Heather’s camp can certainly make this an issue, and paint Madrid as ethically challenged. That charge may get some play among those who don’t want to add to the corruption stew that is Washington.

Those are just a couple more examples of the Democrats doing their best to elect Republicans. If we didn’t have them working for us, we’d have to do some real work.

Written by Michael Turk