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Lost… And Found…

TelevisionI saw a poll the other day that said something like 60% of the people they asked said Lost is going downhill. After last night’s episode, I’m starting to agree. I could really care less about Rose and Bernard. I imagine their story is important so you will understand that the Island has healing powers, and it’s not just Locke.

Unfortunately, too much of the show revolved around that.

I guess those healing powers only work on natural afflictions since the gun shot and arrow wounds took time.

The whole sequence with Locke was rather odd. He’s pissed that he can’t remember the map that was on the door. He goes outside and sits with Rose, and suddenly everything’s better? WTF? I guess he needed someone to confirm his belief in the Island?

The episode probably should have been titled “Placeholder” It really just seemed to be a vehicle to get us through to the season finale – which should be a few weeks away. It didn’t really roll out much new. We knew “Henry Gale” likes to torment Jack and Locke. (Apparently he’s also not an other, but that was revealed through the Lost website, not the show.)

So who is Gale’s brother/sister? Apparently it’s not Sayid, Jack, Locke, Charlie, Eko, Claire, or Claire’s Baby. The comments about being crazy – in light of last week’s show – would seem to indicate Libby, but that’s too obvious.

Now that Michael’s back, and keen to raise an army, will the survivors get it together enough to go after the others?

I didn’t see any fellow castaways (other than Locke in the wheel chair) in the flashback sequences. That’s sort of unusual for a show with two degrees of separation.

Oh well, since I don’t have the time or patience to do the frame by frame analysis, I’ll leave that to someone else.

Written by Michael Turk