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Locker Room Conversation

As I was changing clothes following my son’s swimming lessons tonight (he’s almost 20 months, so I was swimming and he was paddling/kicking), I overheard an interesting conversation. Two guys were talking about their kids. One made a fascinating comment.

I sometimes wonder if I’m actually doing a disservice to my kid by teaching him to be honest and trustworthy. Since it seems most people get ahead by lying, cheating and stealing, I wonder if he’d be better off if I taught him how to get ahead by being dishonest and gaming the system.

The other guy clearly had the same reaction I did. He commented that it was a fascinating question.

As a parent, I hope that my kid will be a good person and do well in life. Honestly though, when I see Congressmen with bribery menus or freezers full of cash, pro athletes routinely testing positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs, and business executives taking 100 million dollar salaries for fleecing the customer and ripping off the employee pensions, I have to wonder if it’s possible to get to the top without being a lying, cheating scumbag.

Part of me asks, “If I raise my child to be good, honest and kind, am I dooming him to a life of mediocrity and middle management?”

Written by Michael Turk