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Live From London, It’s Politics Online

If you follow me on Twitter (@MichaelTurk if you don’t and would like to), you know I’m in jolly old England this week for the Politics: Web 2.0 Conference. Micah Sifry and I are keynoting on Friday with a sort of dueling mostly complementary presentation on the power of the social network in politics. We’ll be dissecting both the role of SocNets in campaigns, the idea of the open source campaign, and how candidates are engaging people in discussion and direct action.

I had a chance to do some sightseeing yesterday, strolled back and forth across the Thames, rode the London Eye, and generally enjoyed my one free day here. I’ll probably share some photos later.

I’ll be posting (hopefully with regularity) throughout the conference, and sharing thoughts after we wrap.

Written by Michael Turk