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Live Blogging The Super Bowl Ads

Super BowlSure the game is fine, but the real reason anyone would watch a game between the Seahawks and Steelers is the Super Bowl ads (and maybe to catch an occasional glimpse of Hasselbeck’s sister-in-law).

So I’m blogging the ads, and calling it like I see it. You can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this up, but for now…

Bud Light, Office: Amusing, but not great.

Burger King, Stage Production Thing: Awful with the possible exception of the appearance of Brooke Burke.

Sierra Mist, Security Guards: Dumb. Kathy Griffin just isn’t funny. I like Jim Gaffigan, but he’s a better comic than this ad would imply.

Bud Light, Revolving Wall: Very clever. I need a magic fridge. I had seen the first half of this the other day, but the guys on the other side of the wall were a nice addition.

FedEx, Cavemen: I think I worked for a direct descendent of the boss in that ad.

Bud Light, Bear: Is it me, or did Bud Light’s ads used to be funnier?

Diet Pepsi, Diddy: Lame. Seriously Lame. Jay Mohr should be ashamed of himself.

Aleve, Spock: Dumb.

Ameriquest, Defribulator: Funny. The “Don’t-Judge-Too-Quickly” tag gives you a lot of leeway and these guys run with it.

Bud Light, Leaky Roof: At last, a good one from BL. I love the barbeque.

Diet Pepsi, Jackie Chan: Jay, Jay, Jay. Are you that hard up?

Acura MDX, Escape the Modern World: Good effects. But I guess the point is to sell the car and I don’t know that I paid any attention to what it actually looked like.

On another note, this game is friggin boring so far…

Budweiser, Streaker: Funny. Not as good as the roof repair.

Mobile ESPN: Good concept. Ba……………………………d music. Sorry, I fell asleep.

The game is boring, the commercials, for the most part, are lame… I don’t see me doing this much longer…

Career Builder, Sales Are Down: The monkeys were funny the first time. Now they’re tired.

Cadillac Escalade: Huh? Are the ad firms for car companies on crack?

Dove Self-Esteem Fund: I’ll try not to be too critical given the subject matter of the ad. But I have to ask why you would use a song that was successfully used in an ad campaign for Kodak fairly recently. The ad was over before I realized it wasn’t for film.

Ford Escape Hybrid: You can’t go wrong with Kermit

Michelob, Light Beer Got Darker: Hot chicks putting on a solid hit? How can you argue with that?

GoDaddy: I wasn’t sure why anyone thought last year’s ad was good, and this one is even worse?

Gillette Fusion: How many blades can you fit in a razor? Gillette may have to invest in nano-technology to give us an answer. Lame.

What a horrible call. Roethlisberger was down. The ball never crossed.

Written by Michael Turk