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Lieberman v. Lamont

PoliticsDemocratsIn a crushing blow to the sales of sleep medication, the battle for Connecticut’s soul took place last night with Ned Lamont taking on Joe Lieberman in a verbal duel unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Lamont proved his unfitness for public office with one statement.

I think conservation is our best effort that we can make right now. Look what happened when Jimmy Carter 20 years ago put on the cardigan and said, it’s the moral equivalent of war. We doubled the fuel mileage standards of our automobiles. We greatly increased the fuel efficiency of our appliances, and the price of gasoline went down, went down for the next 20 years.

We got a little fat and happy and we started driving S.U.V.’s again. But now is the time, now is the time again to deal with conservation in a serious way.

Even Jimmy Carter, watching from the comfort of home had to be surprised by the accolades and grudgingly acknowledge the complete disaster that was his presidency.

Seriously, I’m not quite sure what the hell Lamont was talking about. Carter’s energy policy was a colossal failure. It resulted in massive lines at the pump and led to debilitating energy shortages. Having lived through that, and having been the unwilling passenger in my parents’ car while we sat in more than a couple of gas lines, I always remembered that as a bad thing.

Given that Lamont paints the late 70s as the good ole days, I am convinced that the left has gone so far to the extreme they’ve actually created a revisionist history in which Carter was some sort of idiot savant whose strong suit was energy policy.

The Democrats should start waving the white flag now. I was a little concerned about our chances come November, but having seen the liberal poster boy in action, I feel much better.

Written by Michael Turk