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Libertarian Reaction To Unity08

PoliticsI stumbled upon a Libertarian blog’s reaction to Unity08. It took the tack I would expect it to take – that being you should not support U08, but join the Libertarians instead. In doing so, they really miss the point.

Their general theme seems to be that Unity 08 does not have a clear agenda. That largely stems from the fact that Unity08 is relying on the supporters to supply the agenda. It is an ambiguous agenda because the specifics have not yet been written. This will be the first ticket for President that is entirely derived from the people, rather than a controlling few.

I have seen firsthand the way the GOP manages their platform process at the federal and the state level. The platform is written by a very select few, rammed through a largely compliant platform committee with little chance that there will be significant changes, and presented as a grand vision to the supplicants who are told that it’s ok to disagree, as long as you keep pushing the button.

Like Skinner’s rats, we keep hoping to get the feed pellet, but it never happens. Instead, the party apparatchiks continue to be spun by a relative small number of people who rarely leave DC and wouldn’t recognize real America if it walked up and bit them on the ass.

That is no way to run a political party in a country that is by, for, and of the American people. Urging people to prostrate themselves before party leaders who know full well their only interest lies in keeping their job and lining their own pockets is no way to change the world for the better.

The promise of Unity08 is that the people control the agenda. The people control the ticket. The people can write the platform or shape the agenda through action, rather than through inaction.

Written by Michael Turk