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Less Politics, More Tech

Following the elections, I really tuned out of politics for a couple of months. I’ve been gearing up for 2008, but tried to actively avoid a lot of political coverage for a while. If I hadn’t, I would have gone nuts by 2008.

In the time I have been away from politics, I have stumbled upon some very, very cool tech stuff, and thought I’d share some of the coolest finds.

First, there is this set of wireless speakers for your home theater. They eliminate the lengths of speaker wire that had to either trail around the house or be installed in walls. These little beauties clean up the tangle of wires and cords and deliver music through the ether. Tres cool.

Another little add-on for the home theater that tripped my cool meter was the Linksys Wireless Music Bridge. This little gadget hook up to your home computer and allow you to beam your MP3s from PC to the home theater so you can play all your digital music with better sound than your little PC speakers can generate.

Finally, the pitched battle between cell and home phones is coming to an end. I like the convenience of having a phone in every room when I am home, so I really like a land line. However, most people call my cell, so I either end up running around the house looking for my cell at night or have to keep it near me at all times. Not anymore.

Motorola has a cool little Bluetooth gadget for their SD7500 phones that bridges my cell into the home network. Set your cell next to the Bluetooth Cell Dock when you get home, and any incoming calls will automatically ring through to your home phone system. Answer your call like you would any other incoming call. When you head out in the morning, simply pick up the phone and walk out.

I’m pretty stoked about these finds. Unlike politics, technology only occasionally lets me down. My resolution for the new year? Less politics, more technology. It should make me happier.

Written by Michael Turk