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Less Is More People

Attention all you happy political geeks who have just discovered this thing called the Internet and have realized how cool it is. Just because you love the Internet and just because you are addicted to your emails, IM, computers and everything political, does not mean that the rest of the world is as well. Stop sending me two emails a day asking for my vote, my money or my time. Stop launching a brand-new Web site every couple of days with hopes that something will stick.

I speak, of course, of a certain Republican party who has decided that sending me an average of almost two emails each day is somehow going to get me to donate. I just received yet another one asking me to support RightRoots. Please, calm down.

The same goes for all those campaigns and party organizations that are getting Web site- happy. I do not need five different Web sites to tell me where a candidate stands on five different issues. Why not make one, make it funny, and then I’ll pay attention.

Now I realize this may make me sound a bit hypocritical given the fact that I like the Internet, I’m addicted to my email, IM, computers and everything political, but lately I think people are focused too much in terms of quantity and not quality. In other words, we’re getting too much.

I’ve found that a campaign is going to be more successful if they sparingly email their lists rather than just blast them all the time. Most don’t have the time to read all those emails and frankly, it’s getting to the point where you’re becoming the stalker I can’t get rid of. Send me an email every few days. I’ll read those … maybe … if I have time.

Moreover, we all love to read satirical Web sites making fun of candidates, and I love to create them. But again, one site is fine; make one site and add to it, not five separate sites. That’s just stupid. You’re reducing the impact the site will have and making yourself look too Internet happy.

This has been your Katie rant-of-the-day.

PS: Do not take this to mean I do not think the RNC should be supporting the RightRoots. I like the RightRoots. I think it’s a great thing. It just happened to be the RNC’s email for them that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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